Chat Server Application

I've had the server running successfully over the Internet. It behaves in a very stable fashion. You can also view the client Applet screenshot by clicking here.

This application can be run in conjunction with DICPublisher to provide a seamless chat service from behind a Dynamic IP Address.

The main server panel shows system status reports and logs the current session. It allows the administrator to identify users online, spy on the chat in progress and boot any user.

Click on main console buttons to view the utility screens (IE4 only).

Note: This server is not actually runnng, this is a demonstration only.

My ChatServer application runs in conjuction with my ChatClient Applet to provide chat services to any number of users concurrently. BT won't let me run it, of course, so you'll have to go to my main server at home (currently off-line) to use it. Here's what it looks like...